The righteous grow like palm trees (Ps. 92)

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  1. What does it mean to be righteous?

Rom. 3 v 10-12

Job 4v17

I John 3v7

A righteous person is not a perfect person, but someone who loves the Lord, the one who can save souls. Man is righteous only through Jesus Christ. That should keep us humble.

2. The growth of the righteous

The righteous will gros like a palm tree, like a cedar of Lebanon.

2 Peter 3v18.

This is not an option but a mandate. Whoever does not progress, regresses. Without communion with Christ, we cannot grow and be fruitful.

3. Why does God compare the righteous with a palm tree?

The palm tree is not a tree. It is a plant that grows each year, signified by the rings around its trunk. It can live up to 200 years. There are more than 2,500 species of palm tree.

The palm tree has deep deep roots. This is the secret of its strength. So it can grow in the hottest deserts. The strength of Christians is developed in secret, in their communion with God. See Jeremiah.

All of its strength is in its nourishing core. With it, it produces coconuts, dates, palm fronds. The closer Christians are to God, the more tender their hearts are, and the more productive they will be.

Exodus 15 v 17

Jean 17

May we walk righteously, may we live honest lives. But this is only possible with Jesus. Gal 2v 20.