Jesus, our Passover Lamb ( Mark 14)

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Sermon preached by Julien Grenier, Agape Campus minister, on 3rd April 2022

This morning we will continue our study of the Gospel according to Mark. We have seen over and over again that Christ throughout his life identifies himself directly or indirectly as the Messiah, the Son of God.

In the first chapters he stays for three years in Galilee where he performs healings and miracles. In chapters 8, 9 and 10 he says that he has to go up to Jerusalem in order to suffer and die there, and be resurrected 3 days later. Since chapter 11 we have entered the last week of our Lord’s life, the last week that he spends in Jerusalem, the last week that is the most important of his life, the last week towards which 1500 years of Old Testament prophecies point. The last week that represents the foundation of the building that is our faith, our church… The last week in which the most important events in human history take place.

We saw in chapter 11 that on Monday, as the Jews chose and brought their flawless lambs into Jerusalem in preparation for the Passover, the Lord also brought his perfect lamb into the city in triumph. We also saw in chapter 13 that the Lord announces his return and invites his disciples ― and through them, us too ― to stay awake and pray.

And this morning we come to chapter 14 and we enter the shadow of the cross… That fateful moment when the lion of Judas takes on the form of a lamb, when we see Christ the eternal high priest sacrificing himself.

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Jesus, his authority over my life (Mark 11-12)

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Sermon preached by Pastor Vincent Bourrel on 20th March 2022

We are continuing our series in Mark. Up until now, we have been making our way to Jerusalem, and 3 times (ch 8, 9, 10) Jesus announces that in Jerusalem he will be condemned to death, handed over to the Gentiles, who will mock him, spit on him, beat him and kill him, and then 3 days later he will rise from the dead.  

In chapter 11 Jesus enters Jerusalem and in that same week all that he announced will happen to him. On Monday Jesus enters the city triumphantly, on Tuesday he drives the sellers out of the temple, on Wednesday he tells the shocking parable and answers the trick questions of the Sanhedrin, on Thursday he has a last meal with his disciples, on Friday he is condemned and crucified and dies, and on Sunday he rises from the dead. 

Since the beginning of the gospel, Jesus’ life has been on observation, and even the demons have recognized « you are the holy one of God. » People who have witnessed his miracles have said « who is the one who obeys the wind and the sea », they have heard his words and have said, « never has a man spoken like this man », and they have seen his compassion, his grace and his power. So when he enters Jerusalem, the crowd acclaims him as the Messiah (11.9-10) and Jesus behaves as such:  

– He enters Jerusalem sitting on a colt and fulfills Zechariah 9:9. He is not a king like the others (he is humble). 

– He enters the temple, drives out the sellers and reminds us of 11.17 Is 56.7, he is the owner of the place and wants to be prayed to by all people.

– He announces the judgment of the unfruitful religious. The withered fig tree.

His authority is manifest and must be recognized or opposed. One cannot say, « What an interesting guy this Jesus is! » He is God, so he has all authority. You either accept his authority or you fight it. The chief priests and scribes have  chosen: they seek to destroy him (11:18). Why?

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