A Revolutionary Christmas: Christmas for all (Matthew)

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Sermon preached by Aurelien Duperchy, apprentice pastor, on 26th December 2021

Have you ever met a brother or sister and said to yourself, « He’s too different from me, we’ll never get along… »? It is human, but very sad to see the world only as a reflection of our own personality. If we imagine Jesus treating us in the same way, we know we would deserve to be condemned because there can actually be no greater difference than between Jesus and us. He is perfect whereas we are rotten…

Yet, Jesus came. The holiness of God, incarnated on earth in Jesus. He was born into a particular culture and faith, and he wants to be friends with everyone.

And that’s what we’re going to see today, a simple man who was born in a very small country that God had blessed, has become the greatest Man in all of human history because he wants to be in communion with everyone. It is the story of a man who does not define borders as we do. It is the story of the Jewish Messiah who offers himself for all peoples.

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A Revolutionary Christmas: How Christmas impacted science (Mat. 2:1-2, 7-11)

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Sermon preached by Pastor Samuel Niblack on 19th December 2021

During this month of December, we said that the coming of Jesus revolutionized our world, our culture, our history. Christmas is often seen as something that is limited to the month of December, under the tree. But in reality, the coming of Jesus and the Christian message have impacted all aspects of life. We have seen the impact of Christmas on politics, sexuality… and this morning, we will see its impact on science.

Everyone knows that Christmas is a great story for the kids. But between adults, concretely, what should we think? What would science say, what would scientists say? Nowadays, it’s the phrase that cuts it all off  “scientists say…” What do scientists say about Christmas history?

Let’s read Matthew 2:1-2, 7-11

If there is one aspect of Christmas history that is folkloric, non-scientific, it would be the star of Bethlehem. A star that guides the magicians, and even stops above a house!

But this morning, I would like to show that Christmas is not just for children, it is for scientists. Christmas is not anti-science. Christmas is pro-science.

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A Revolutionary Christmas: How Christmas revolutionized sexual ethics (Mat. 1)

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Sermon preached by Pastor Vincent Bourrel on 12th December 2021


In our Christmas series last week, we saw how Christmas revolutionized politics. Today we will see how Christmas revolutionized sexual ethics.

Let’s read Matthew chapter 1.

Our hyper sexualized society has shattered any framework for sexual relations. According to it, everything is acceptable from the moment you are between consenting adults (and the sexual majority varies from one country to another between 14-18 years old in Europe, it is 15 years old in France). It might seem like a no-brainer that people need to be consenting, but the #MeToo movement, recent revelations involving a politician and the abuse scandal within the Catholic Church have proven that it is not as obvious as that.

Not all of our desires are noble, legitimate and healthy. There are harmful forms of sex and everyone should have some control over their sexual desires. (Sam Allberry). What distinguishes Christian ethics is therefore not to establish limits on sexual behavior but to specify where they lie and why.

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A Revolutionary Christmas: The Political Implications of the First Christmas (Mat. 2)

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Sermon preached by Pastor Samuel Niblack on 5th December 2021

For us today, Christmas typically means decorations, presents and gastronomic traditions, but if we go back to the first Christmas, we can see how revolutionary it was.

In the book I’m reading right now, which is written by an Indian with a Hindu background and called “The Book That Changed Your World”, the writer says: « you Westerners forget how much the message of the Bible changed the world: in ethics, politics, medically, socially, musically… »

Luc Ferry, speaking of the incarnation (the fact that God became a person), says: « It is quite clear that without this typically Christian value of the human person, of the individual as such, the philosophy of human rights to which we are so attached today never would have come into being. »

So, for the entire month of December, we’ll be taking Christmas out of « religion », out of its box of « seasonal  decorations ». This morning, I’d like to look at the political implications of the first Christmas.  

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