Living in God’s Holy Presence: Finally there! (Lev. 26:11-13, John 2:18-22, Rev. 21:3-4, 21:22-22:5)

Publié le 4 avril 2021 dans Traductions

Sermon by Pastor Samuel Niblack

Today, Easter Sunday, we will finish our series in the book of Leviticus. You might be wondering, but what does this have to do with the resurrection of Jesus? On his way to Emmaus, Jesus explained to his two disciples that in the book of Leviticus, Moses spoke of him, of his death and his resurrection. On Easter Sunday, right after the resurrection, Jesus actually studied the book of Leviticus with his disciples.

The Book of Luke says that the two disciples had the pleasure to see Jesus, but what they could draw from their experience, what really warmed their hearts, was to see that the whole Bible speaks of Jesus (Lk 24:32). Not only are the Christian faith and the resurrection supported by the testimony of the apostles (in the New Testament), but also by the richness, the unity, and the beauty of the whole Bible, which is consistent over centuries of history, and which is made clearer in the light of the resurrection.

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