Living the Gospel Together (Phil. 1:27-2:11)

Publié le 25 avril 2021 dans Traductions

Sermon by Pastor Vincent Bourrel


A doctor decided to vaccinate an Englishman, a Frenchman, a German and an American.

He said to the Englishman:

– This way to your vaccine please.

– I don’t want it!

– Come on! A gentleman would get vaccinated.

And the Englishman got vaccinated.

The doctor addresses the German:

– Now it’s your turn.

– No, thank you!

– That’s an order!

And the German got vaccinated.

The doctor addresses the American:

– Now it’s your turn.

– No way!

– But you know, your neighbor has been vaccinated.

And the American has been vaccinated.

The doctor addresses the Frenchman:

– Now it’s your turn!

– I will not be vaccinated!

– Come on, a gentleman would get vaccinated.

– No way!

– It is an order!

– No, it’s not!

– You know, your neighbor got vaccinated…

– I don’t give a hoot!

– Listen… who are you exactly?

– A Frenchman.

– Ah, a Frenchman! Anyway, you’re not entitled to the vaccine.


…. and the Frenchman got vaccinated.

It makes us laugh because there is something true that belongs to the culture of each people:  Culture is « what is common to a group of individuals » and « what binds it together », that is to say what is learned, transmitted, produced and invented. 

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Survol Philippiens

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Le Coran ne cite que la Bible ?

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J’entends souvent de la part de mes amis musulmans que le Coran reprend uniquement des histoires de la Bible et y ajoute l’histoire de Mohamed. Alors qu’en réalité, le Coran reprend, certes des histoires de la Bible, mais aussi des écrits apocryphes qui ne font pas parti du canon biblique historique reconnu par l’Église.

 Ici, nous allons nous concentrer sur quelques exemples de reprises d’apocryphes (donc de livres qui ne font pas parti du canon biblique) par le Coran :

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The Progress of the Gospel – (Phil. 1: 12-26)

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Sermon by Pastor Samuel Niblack

We are studying Paul’s letter to the Philippians; it is the most positive, the happiest, the most encouraging of Paul’s letters. Which is amazing, because it is the one that was written under the most disturbing, uncertain, painful circumstances for him.

We are also living in uncertain, worrying times – how can we be encouraged, encouraging, happy people? This text will show us.

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Partners in the Gospel (Phil. 1:11)

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Sermon by Pastor Vincent Bourrel

I have been thrilled in recent weeks in front of the 6 nations tournament and the performance of the XV of France. They are a really great team. What makes the strength of this team in addition to the technical qualities is its spirit of commitment to each other in the fight, in the conquest. They share the victory and are united in the defeat, they all participate in the efforts, they all push in the same direction. They enjoy playing together and we enjoy watching it.

By faith in Jesus Christ, God enlists us in his team, we no longer live for ourselves but for the one who died and rose for us. The Gospel gives us forgiveness, abundant and eternal life which is the perfect answer to the need of the human heart, which is why it must be announced to everyone. But the Gospel is also a struggle because it calls us to follow a master who conquered our hearts by stooping down, by dying on a cross. The gospel is contrary to our natural way of thinking. He calls us to “look at others as being above ourselves… instead of considering our own interests, also considering those of others”. This is why the gospel also has enemies (3:18).

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