Living in God’s Holy Presence: Celebrate His holiness with feasts (Lev. 23-25)

Publié le 28 mars 2021 dans Traductions

Sermon by Aurelien Duperchy, apprentice pastor

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday and a brother sent me this message: “What’s a Birthday ?: it’s praising God for how far you’ve come and resting assured in him for how far you’ll go! God bless you !”

Today we are going to talk about the theme of celebrating God in feasts and how our life can be a holy celebration to God.

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Living in God’s Holy Presence: To become the saints that we are (Lev. 18-20)

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Sermon by Damien Jourdain

The Problem

What is the most difficult instruction you have ever been given? Have you ever received an order that seemed impossible to follow? In 2015 I had been working in California for Google for 6 months, and we had a meeting with the two co-founders of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin, to discuss our delivery drone project.

I had carefully prepared my team’s roadmap for the development of the drone’s autopilot, and I had done my best to be both ambitious but realistic about how long it would take. During the meeting, Larry Page asks how long the development will take, I take a deep breath. I tell him 3 months, explaining all the necessary steps. He looks at me with an incredulous look, and answers « 3 months? But you should be able to get it done by the weekend, right? » How do you react when the co-founder of one of the most influential companies in the world, who has more than 50 billion dollars in his bank account, tells you to do in 3 days what you think you can accomplish in 3 months?

This morning in Leviticus 18 to 20 we will also see a command given not by Larry Page, but by someone much greater, by Yahweh, the perfect creator of the universe. He will also give a command that is probably impossible to follow for Israel, the people he has chosen to reveal himself to the world: be holy, like me. How to react to demands for perfection when, frankly, we are… far from perfect?

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Living in God’s Holy Presence: by ritual purity (Lev. 11-15)

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Sermon by Pastor Samuel Niblack

God’s plan is to have us dwell in his presence, in his house forever. But like any house, he wants to keep it clean. When you go to someone’s house, you wipe your feet on the mat at the entrance, you take off your shoes. In this time of covid, you get used to practicing a protocol of purity when entering a store or a building: gel, mask, negative Covid test – all so as not to bring dirt or infection into the house.

This morning, Leviticus chapters 11-15, deals with ritualistic purity and impurity laws. These laws would instill this reflex among God’s people, that nothing defiled, dirty or evil can enter his presence.

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Living in God’s Holy Presence: The Dangers of Holiness (Lev. 10)

Publié le 7 mars 2021 dans Traductions

Sermon by Pastor Vincent Bourrel


The priesthood looked promising for Nadab and Abihu. The holy God of Israel had personally set them apart to serve as priests. Their family pedigree was wealthy  and their preparation intensive (Leviticus 8-9).

They were dressed in brand new tunics and sashes (Lev 8.7). The tiara on Aaron’s head held a gold plaque with these words « Holiness to the Lord » (Lev 8.9; cf. Ex 28.36). The blood of their ordination offering was crusted on their ears, thumbs and toes (Lev 8:24). Their hearts were still amazed to see « fire blazed forth from the Lord’s presence and  consumed the burnt offering » (Lev 9:24).

But on the same day the same fire went out from before Jehovah to consume them. (Lev 10.1-5)

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Pourquoi le christianisme plutôt qu’une autre religion ?

Publié le 2 mars 2021 dans Pourquoi croire ?

Après tout, il y a multitude de religions…
Je ne sais pas….
Ça ne vaut pas la peine de choisir….

Introduction :

Dans notre société, nous constatons qu’il y a plusieurs religions, et même plusieurs courants au sein même d’une religion et donc différents lieux de cultes. Nous les voyons de manière horizontale, les uns à côté des autres, comme des « clubs spirituels » au même titre que des clubs de différents sports.

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