The Conclusion of the Matter (Ecc. 11:7-10 & 12:1-14)

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We are coming to the end of Ecclesiastes. The end of this book talks about the end of life. All philosophers agree: if we are looking for the meaning of life, if we are looking for wisdom in life, it means thinking about death.

Let’s read Ecclesiastes  chapter 11: 7 – 10

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Does wisdom have the advantage over folly ? (Ecc. 10)

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Book reminder
We are still studying this book probably written by King Solomon. It is like the logbook of a man in search of the meaning of life.
Moreover, what makes his originality is that instead of starting his reflection on the basis that God exists, the author takes the opposite path by putting himself in the shoes of someone who only relies on his own intelligence.

It is important to understand that his observations concern life under the sun, life on earth. He tries, he observes, he experiments, he pushes logic to the end of things, in order to understand what is the meaning of life.
This is why this man is ultimately not so distant from the man of today in his reflections and his questions about life.

I asked my Facebook friends to share their summary of the book with me and what bothered or encouraged them.
Here are some of their responses:

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God’s Gifts (Eccl 5: 10-19)

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We all run after happiness. All of our choices are determined by the relentless pursuit of happiness. And we seek to multiply and constantly renew what gives us some joy and satisfaction, often by means of money and goods, to satisfy our quest in our lives affected by frustration, sorrow, suffering and bitterness. And as we seek happiness in these things, we are always disappointed. Yet, we keep running after them. 

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