Confession of faith of an atheist (Ps. 14)

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Trevor Knight was for many years the director of a British inter-church youth movement. One day while preaching the gospel at an open-air meeting in the center of a town, a well-known atheist heckled him saying, « I’ve been an atheist for 84 years … » Trevor asked him his age, to which he replied « I am 96 years old and I have been an atheist for 84 years! » Trevor replied, « Well, that shows that you weren’t born an atheist … »

Indeed, if you question atheist people, they will say that they came to this position because they were disappointed with religion and religious people. People who in the name of God have committed scandalous things … To those I would like to say that God is also scandalized and will judge more severely the sinful behavior of those who have taught in his name or claimed to do so. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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God of the stars, God of the ants (Ps. 8)

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One night during the heatwave last week, Brigitte couldn’t sleep, and got up to sit in the garden to get some fresh air. In the morning she told me that she observed the starry sky and even saw shooting stars. We could say to ourselves “What could be more normal” But we could also say “what could be more magnificent than this”. King David would have found it magnificent. Let’s read Psalm 8 together which he wrote.

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God has an announcement to make! (Ps 110)

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Societal introduction!
According to the Usine Nouvelle newspaper of 06/24/2020, the days go by and the economic consequences of the Covid-19 crisis seem to be worsening.

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The righteous grow like palm trees (Ps. 92)

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  1. What does it mean to be righteous?
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