Not a good time for faith ? (Is. 36-37)

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Nous proposons la traduction suivante du message du dimanche pour nos amis anglophones

The great Assyrian army invaded the country and all the cities fell – there is only one city left, Jerusalem. Now 185,000 soldiers are at Jerusalem’s gates.

The Assyrians’ strategy, with this general Rabshakeh, is to undermine the peoples morale and confidence. This Rabshakeh, will do everything to advise against faith and trust in God. He is very cunning.

But Hezekiah will make the right choice, he will trust in God. In this crisis, he does the
opposite of his father, King Achaz. Achaz had his crisis of faith in exactly the same place (v2 the aqueduct of the upper pond, on the way to the fuller’s field.)

Faced with the problems, challenges and fears in our lives, many say that God is not a valid solution. Nowadays influences and voices want to discourage and undermine our faith.

Despite these voices that advise against faith, trusting in God is the best option. Here are five ways the enemy can try to undermine our faith. Be aware of them so you may resist.

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Who is our God? (Is. 33)

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What is the key criteria for choosing a partner? To answer this question, a researcher from a university in California interviewed 28,000 heterosexuals, aged between 18 and 75, asking what they looked for first.
Sad but the answer is rather cliché…
80% of men seek in priority thin women, 97% of women think that a stable income is essential when they start a relationship with someone, while « only » 74% of men take this financial aspect into account.
This doesn’t make the cliché that men are obsessed with physical appearance, and women only look for a « sugar daddy » any better.
But does this really help you to know your partner? You know very well that every morning you wake up with your wife’s character not with your wallet or with your wife’s physical appeareance.
Do you know God’s character? and what does that imply? Here, God is revealed not only to the prophet Isaiah but to all the people.

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Wait Calmly: The Strength of Faith (Is. 30)

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I hope that you all are doing okay. Thank you for your prayers and all your affection for my wife.

We are studying Isaiah. The message of Isaiah takes place in a historical and geographical background that is important to keep in mind. Israel is located next to Assyria in the north, which is very frightening because the Assyrian grip is tightening, and in the south their neighbor is Egypt. Assyria in the north scares them as much as Egypt in the south reassures them, seduces them, attracts them. They thought, « Egypt can protect us from Assyria. » But Egypt is a false solution.

This situation between the extreme fear of Assyria in the north and the exaggerated attachment to Egypt in the south sums up the situation of mankind to a certain degree. On the one hand, there are things that scare us that should not scare us, and on the other hand, there are things that we love, that we cherish too much, that we idolize, but we shouldn’t because they will always disappoint us.

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