La mort est engloutie/Death has been swallowed up

Publié le 11 avril 2020 dans La vie de l'église

(Ceci est la traduction en anglais du message du dimanche 12 avril 2020)

Isaiah 25

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ and friends joining us, it is Easter and our churches (our buildings) are closed. Usually our church is teeming with life during this great weekend where we celebrate… life! But this year, we will not have this celebration because a virus is sowing death in our midst. We all know people with the virus, and some who have died. Each evening the macabre death count is announced and plunges us a little more into a state of fear. But even in this context, the Easter message has lost none of its force. This morning’s text in Isaiah 25 says “God swallows up death forever.”

Remember from last week, Isaiah is on the mountain top, it is a time of crisis and he sees things coming. He describes them to us.

Ch 24-27 is called, by some commentators « the little Revelation of Isaiah. » This passage deals with the judgment of God on the whole world.

Surprisingly, Isaiah begins this chapter by singing in v.1. He rejoices and celebrates the glory of God because of the wonderful things he has done, he has faithfully fulfilled his pre-conceived purposes. There is a truth that we should learn: when God announces that he will accomplish something, it will be accomplished.

What is the Plan that he conceived in advance?

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