What do you want me to do for you? (Mark 10:32-52)

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Nous proposons la traduction suivante du message du dimanche pour nos amis anglophones…

Jesus came to give his life as a ransom for us and to open our eyes, so that we have life and the
possibility of living like him.
1.The life of renunciation is essential BUT impossible

2. Jesus pays the ransom of the disciples’ failure
3. Jesus comes to give us the opportunity to see (and follow Him) to be saved

I would like to make you think about 3 terms: Christ, Christian, Christianity …
If you are attending a Protestant evangelical celebration for the first time, I invite you to reflect on which of these three words you focus on the most when you talk about religion. If it is on the third, then I will not be surprised that it evokes for you, formalism, routine and even on one side, death …
If it’s on the second one, then you could wear the T-shirt adorned with the expression: « Jesus, save me from your disciples » … or « Christianity could be a good thing if someone wanted one day to try it « 
But if it’s on the first, then you might be amazed, even like Friedrich Nietzsche the greatest atheist philosopher « Basically there was only one Christian, and he died on the cross »

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Eye examination (Mark 8)

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Nous proposons la traduction suivante du message du dimanche pour nos amis anglophones…

During these strange past few months, we have put off many things in our lives. And now we are taking a little time to take stock in different areas. We resume our medical consultations, we will do the technical inspection of the car, or have our air conditioner serviced.
This morning I suggest you do a somewhat special, but so important assessment: an eye examination (ophthalmological assessment).
At the ophthalmologist, the eye doctor, you are placed in front of a poster on which letters of the alphabet are written, and you are asked the question « what do you see? »Z, e, a, n or m,?
And this assessment, though it can be unpleasant at the time, and even if we prefer maybe not to do it, it is important because if you have a vision problem, it needs to be diagnosed, taken into account and fixed/remedied.
This morning I suggest you do an (eye examination) ophthalmological assessment…

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Not a good time for faith ? (Is. 36-37)

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Nous proposons la traduction suivante du message du dimanche pour nos amis anglophones

The great Assyrian army invaded the country and all the cities fell – there is only one city left, Jerusalem. Now 185,000 soldiers are at Jerusalem’s gates.

The Assyrians’ strategy, with this general Rabshakeh, is to undermine the peoples morale and confidence. This Rabshakeh, will do everything to advise against faith and trust in God. He is very cunning.

But Hezekiah will make the right choice, he will trust in God. In this crisis, he does the
opposite of his father, King Achaz. Achaz had his crisis of faith in exactly the same place (v2 the aqueduct of the upper pond, on the way to the fuller’s field.)

Faced with the problems, challenges and fears in our lives, many say that God is not a valid solution. Nowadays influences and voices want to discourage and undermine our faith.

Despite these voices that advise against faith, trusting in God is the best option. Here are five ways the enemy can try to undermine our faith. Be aware of them so you may resist.

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